Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love these shoes!!!!!

Shoes used to be my know the one thing that you always want more of. I loved heels, pointy toed shoes, name it, I had it. However after I changed professions from sitting at a desk most of the day to on my my feet 24-7 all that went out the window. If I didn't want constant blisters and sore feet I had to stick to flats, flat boots, flat flip flops..basically nothing cute, flattering or fun and I never felt that my outfit was complete! However these slingbacks from Frye solved all my problems! They have a cushioned rubber bottom so I wont slip or fall and the heel is just the right height where I can walk around all day and feel hardly any pain...and I have to say that they look good with everything and are very very beautiful! Hurry up and get a pair.

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