Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking Good + Eating A Ton = Preparation

So you have been mulling over in your head what to wear on that glorious day called "Thanksgiving". You think to yourself, it would be great to wear that cute little top and tight skinny jeans that you look so good in but what your really thinking is I Want To Eat Alot and not look fat afterwards...yes scratch the tight outfit idea. However you are in luck this year because it is acutally fashionable to wear an oversized "swing" top. So my advice to you...stick to what is comfortable yet stylish. Either throw on a pair of skinny jeans..not to tight so you will still be able to sit down and a long "swing" top (which will cover you well) or a cute sweater dress that is open and comfortable and can easily be worn with tights and boots to keep out the winter chill. Prepare yourself ahead of time so you can enjoy all that Thanksgiving entails!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baubles to Bangles

Having been an earring freak for the past couple years, I thought it was time to expand into a new territory. I started to explore other options that would leave me as satisfied as putting on gigantic earrings that people couldn't miss, even if I was a mile away. Thankfully after my long search I realized I could have "something new" and keep my earrings too, which is all due to the lovely Baubles to Bangles revolution. Adding a funky cool bracelet to any outfit steps it up about 10 notches, it not only looks great but you feel great wearing a sweet beautifully crafted piece of jewelery. You can find the pieces above and below at Anthropologie ranging from $30-$300. Now you are another step along the way of setting yourself apart from the crowd!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Let Kids Be Kids

A dedication to Sally...the only sister in the family that has children...focused on toddlers not baby's (does it really matter what a baby wears??? Everyone will still think they are the cutest thing on earth..my advice stock up on onesies maybe one with a duck another with the NY yankees logo, then you will save money for clothes when they are older and actually care what they are wearing!)

I am sure that we would all love our kids to be dressed like the latest j.crew "crewcut" kid..I know that I will when that time comes about ten to fifteen years from now.. anyhow to those of us who do have budgets and are not jumping to spend a whopping $70 to $80 on a sweater that will fit the kid about two months, there are other alternatives.

The most important thing however is let your child pick out what they want to wear. Its the time in their life where they can wear anything they want and not get weird glances from across the room. Let them express themselves..I used to babysit for a girl that loved to wear cheetah tights, a jean skirt and a shirt that obviously did not match...but she loved it and pulled it off anyway because she thought that she looked glamorous and fabulous!

However you are still in control of what you buy and the lovely wardrobe that your child can mix and match from. I apply the same advice that I use for myself. Shop for items at different places..Target online does a good job in blending the current styles into "mini versions" for children. What better than your child dressed as a "mini" you?

When I have children I plan to go the preppy/rock star route. I will dress my daughter in dresses and tights with cute boots or skirts with a cute collared shirt and sweater. My son will be dressed in jeans and little rockstar t-shirts or collared shirts and vests...ok so yes like a little j.crew "crewcut" kid.

Basically have fun with it and shop around...its the only time in your life where you have control of dressing someone else.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You've Been Warned..Smells Good Enough To Eat

It's back! Yes the day I have been waiting for..I have never smelled anything so delicious. Last year I got hooked on the Ginger Citrus Body Butter from Arbonne International..little did I know that it was a limited edition item. So when I carried my body butter on the plane with me (I could not leave it out of my site) on my way back from Atlanta to Boston and they confiscated it because it did not meet the airlines requirements as being safe enough to "carry on", I did not stress because I knew I could pick up another tub of it. Then came the panic and outrage when I learned that it was all gone!! So now once again I will be able to rejoice in the sweet aroma that is "Ginger Citrus". Not too fruity, a little hint of men's cologne and a dash of something that is so addictive..you just have to have it. Hurry because by December 31st, it is gone once again. Also new this year, the Ginger Citrus Fragrant Mist...watch out boys.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Man Do I Look Good!

Ahhhhh!....are bangs really back??? Did I miss something?? Last time I remembered I still have nightmares from the days when I sported bangs and no one told me how bad they looked. Yes pictures don’t lie, my forehead looked twice its size, there was no “cute bounce” to them and I resembled a tomboy even though I was dressed in stretch pants and tie die t-shirts…give or take I was in that “awkward” stage in life and I had braces..did I really survive?? Anyway to the point I had a fear of bangs…that is until I saw the lovely Reese Witherspoon wearing bangs like she was the greatest thing on earth. They looked perfect..not too short..not too thick..but just right. I knew I had to have them and I have never felt better. Bangs are amazing, if you are looking to change your hair style but do not want to sacrifice the length..trust me bangs are the solution. It is just enough change to make you feel that you are not boring and will look the same the rest of your life. To put it straight bangs are very refreshing and fun. So get over any fear that may still be lingering and take the plunge!

Friday, November 2, 2007

In the Land of Flats

Being a short person as it is I had a hard time adapting to the notion of flats. I absolutely adored them but I was not ready to give up the extra two to four inches I put on when I stepped into my heels. That is until I stumbled upon the lovely likes of Sam Edelman. His creative approach to the flat revolution opened my narrow-minded view and turned me completely head over heals into a "flat lover". Every shoe he combines an array of colors and patterns to create the most magnificent look. There is not one that looks the same so don't fright you will still stand out from the crowd. These great shoes can be found at places such as Nordstroms, Free People, Urban Outfitters and even the great Zappos for the one who loves a bargain..just like myself. Take a chance...you will love it!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Easy Sleazy

Does it seem like everywhere you go, everyone looks the same???? Trends are one of those Catch 22's, you want to sport the latest fashions but not get lost in the crowd. So heres to those that try to rise above the rest and search long and hard for the unique items that no one else has. For me its a drive, I hate to look like the person next to me. I want to know that I am truly the only one out there that is wearing what I am wearing at that exact moment. It may sound weird and a little neurotic but hey it's fun! I am a lover of creative things, creative fashion, breaking the rules and finding what makes you stand out. Whether you agree, would like some fashion advice, need my good taste or stumbled here out of the blue. Enjoy!
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