Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking Good + Eating A Ton = Preparation

So you have been mulling over in your head what to wear on that glorious day called "Thanksgiving". You think to yourself, it would be great to wear that cute little top and tight skinny jeans that you look so good in but what your really thinking is I Want To Eat Alot and not look fat afterwards...yes scratch the tight outfit idea. However you are in luck this year because it is acutally fashionable to wear an oversized "swing" top. So my advice to you...stick to what is comfortable yet stylish. Either throw on a pair of skinny jeans..not to tight so you will still be able to sit down and a long "swing" top (which will cover you well) or a cute sweater dress that is open and comfortable and can easily be worn with tights and boots to keep out the winter chill. Prepare yourself ahead of time so you can enjoy all that Thanksgiving entails!

1 comment:

Liz Chapman said...

Abby, you need to post again!!!
Love you.

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