Monday, November 12, 2007

Let Kids Be Kids

A dedication to Sally...the only sister in the family that has children...focused on toddlers not baby's (does it really matter what a baby wears??? Everyone will still think they are the cutest thing on advice stock up on onesies maybe one with a duck another with the NY yankees logo, then you will save money for clothes when they are older and actually care what they are wearing!)

I am sure that we would all love our kids to be dressed like the latest j.crew "crewcut" kid..I know that I will when that time comes about ten to fifteen years from now.. anyhow to those of us who do have budgets and are not jumping to spend a whopping $70 to $80 on a sweater that will fit the kid about two months, there are other alternatives.

The most important thing however is let your child pick out what they want to wear. Its the time in their life where they can wear anything they want and not get weird glances from across the room. Let them express themselves..I used to babysit for a girl that loved to wear cheetah tights, a jean skirt and a shirt that obviously did not match...but she loved it and pulled it off anyway because she thought that she looked glamorous and fabulous!

However you are still in control of what you buy and the lovely wardrobe that your child can mix and match from. I apply the same advice that I use for myself. Shop for items at different places..Target online does a good job in blending the current styles into "mini versions" for children. What better than your child dressed as a "mini" you?

When I have children I plan to go the preppy/rock star route. I will dress my daughter in dresses and tights with cute boots or skirts with a cute collared shirt and sweater. My son will be dressed in jeans and little rockstar t-shirts or collared shirts and vests...ok so yes like a little j.crew "crewcut" kid.

Basically have fun with it and shop around...its the only time in your life where you have control of dressing someone else.

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Rebecca said...

15 years? Come on you have to get married before me.

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