Friday, November 2, 2007

In the Land of Flats

Being a short person as it is I had a hard time adapting to the notion of flats. I absolutely adored them but I was not ready to give up the extra two to four inches I put on when I stepped into my heels. That is until I stumbled upon the lovely likes of Sam Edelman. His creative approach to the flat revolution opened my narrow-minded view and turned me completely head over heals into a "flat lover". Every shoe he combines an array of colors and patterns to create the most magnificent look. There is not one that looks the same so don't fright you will still stand out from the crowd. These great shoes can be found at places such as Nordstroms, Free People, Urban Outfitters and even the great Zappos for the one who loves a bargain..just like myself. Take a will love it!

1 comment:

Pinky said...

From one who has always been a flat lover, I will surely check them out.

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