Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You've Been Warned..Smells Good Enough To Eat

It's back! Yes the day I have been waiting for..I have never smelled anything so delicious. Last year I got hooked on the Ginger Citrus Body Butter from Arbonne International..little did I know that it was a limited edition item. So when I carried my body butter on the plane with me (I could not leave it out of my site) on my way back from Atlanta to Boston and they confiscated it because it did not meet the airlines requirements as being safe enough to "carry on", I did not stress because I knew I could pick up another tub of it. Then came the panic and outrage when I learned that it was all gone!! So now once again I will be able to rejoice in the sweet aroma that is "Ginger Citrus". Not too fruity, a little hint of men's cologne and a dash of something that is so just have to have it. Hurry because by December 31st, it is gone once again. Also new this year, the Ginger Citrus Fragrant out boys.


Rhubarb Summers said...

Can you order me some?

Sally said...

Hey Ab,
Can you give advice on baby/toddler fashion on your blog? Links to good places to shop that are reasonably priced would be great.
Thanks, Love you-Sally

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