Friday, November 16, 2007

Baubles to Bangles

Having been an earring freak for the past couple years, I thought it was time to expand into a new territory. I started to explore other options that would leave me as satisfied as putting on gigantic earrings that people couldn't miss, even if I was a mile away. Thankfully after my long search I realized I could have "something new" and keep my earrings too, which is all due to the lovely Baubles to Bangles revolution. Adding a funky cool bracelet to any outfit steps it up about 10 notches, it not only looks great but you feel great wearing a sweet beautifully crafted piece of jewelery. You can find the pieces above and below at Anthropologie ranging from $30-$300. Now you are another step along the way of setting yourself apart from the crowd!

1 comment:

Williams and Jensen said...

Such cool jewelry. I need to find a new "different" ring for my right hand.

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