Monday, February 14, 2011

A Love Chat

<3 Happy Valentines Day Lovers <3 
I thought I would spend this post to share more about ME that is Sweet Lasses...I call this 
"A Love Chat" 
On the Industry...I am far from new to this Industry. I paid my dues as a lowly Intern for Oscar:), worked as a freelance fashion writer, managed a clothing store, became an Assistant Buyer and now exploring other parts of this crazy and wonderful world of loveliness that we like to call fashion.

On Location...Raised in Philadelphia, I have called Australia, New Zealand and Boston all home. Now in love with is a fashion and food playground and one that I can't get enough of. I want to be a world traveler...I want to live abroad!

On Style...My style is still undefined. I love florals, plunging necklines, high high heels, bohemian dresses, fur, leather, vintage jewelry, chiffon, clothes that make me feel like a woman. There are so many trends out there but I love finding the ones that fit "my style" and adapting and creating in the process. I like to be able to say that my style is my own and no one else can claim it:)

On Love...I have experienced love and I have also experienced heartache. Love is a great gift and I have not given up hope yet...:)

On Food...Lover of all Mexican, candy, green grapes, starbucks, cheese yes any cheese, good wine and cereal (I am not the best eater!)

On Blogging...I love it! I love to combine my 2 passions...writing and fashion. All I need now is a boyfriend to take my pics (This is a joke among the blogging community, that all the great bloggers have a boyfriend that take their there like I store I can go to?)

On Advice...Have fun with your wardrobe! Blogging is not only an outlet to share my personal style but my overall goal is to help others find their own true style. There are no guidelines, no rules just the freedom to create. What makes you feel good? What do you love? Change it up...there are no boundaries!

Share the Love today <3
X, La La

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Abby..Lots of Heart Ache and Then I finally found Chris..It is a very long Road..But you will find it someday!..Luv the Blog!!!

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